NOLA Bitch Couture

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NOLA Bitch Couture is a doggy style design house featuring high quality, hand-made items from Louisiana. Our focus is on developing a unique and diverse collection for dogs of all sizes. From practical to couture, the collection combines signature design quality with a touch of whimsy, making each piece a work of art.

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made by julianne

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Julianna Lagniappe is a native New Orleans artist specializing in costume design and dressmaking.  Her colorful deigns are thoughtfully engineers, and she can sneak a pocket into any garment.  Working from her home studio at Bayou St. John, Julianne can fulfill your creative sewing dreams.

ginger licious

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Ginger Licious is a true artiste' of life. She is a costume designer, stilt dancer and flair extraordinaire. In her years, she has also been a distinguished circus producer, an acrobat, an aerialist, choreographer, fire-performer, kombucha creator, ordained minister and registered nurse. She pulls from all her talents to create vaudevillian characters and costumes that combine her nature as a flirt with her passion for performance. She will awe you, inspire you, excite you and best of all, make you giggle with her wit and smile. 

Ginger Licious is known for her unique fashion. She is currently creating her own costume designs that pair function, fashion, and flatter the form. Specializing in active, festive, dance/swimwear, her one piece festival leotard rompers can be found frolicking far seas, tall mountains and freakish festivals. All her wares are one of a kind, each one unique and made by her very hands in her home studio in the vibrant New Orleans.

Stilt walking and dancing is the specialty circus skill that continues to allure Ginger Licious. She can be seen walking tall in New Orleans second lines, showcased as ambient entertainment for events and tossing throws in Mardi Gras parades such as Proteus, Chewbacchus, Krewe de Vieaux and Box of Wine. With an array of stilt costume choices and characters, she can be booked for children's event, corporate affairs to the most debaucherous developments.

art & eyes by starr

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  • We are a independent store, locally owed. We curate every frame ( over 1600 new), we never “just get in” the top 10 sellers. We do not repeat, you will not see yourself walking down the street.
  • All independent eyewear companies that make their own frames in Europe, Japan, and the United States. No Luxottica. The best lenses for the client. We do business with 4 lens companies. All lenses are not created equally, nor are your eyes.


Think about it. Your face is a very curved complicated form. And your friends, or the guy on T.V. is very different.

They are too heavy, they slide off your nose, they sit too high, the color is wrong, they hit your cheeks, they seem to fit… but they are uncomfortable, you can’t see, your ears …eyebrows…are in the wrong place…. all these things happen when you buy your frames online, even with a computer image of yourself popped into the frames. Some things you just have to be there for the best result. And this IS the first thing others look at, your face!

We started in 2011. Both Starr and Paul have lived in multiple US cities. Paul being a businessman with a flair for the arts and Starr being the artist with the knowledge of a businessman. When I met Paul I told him if he wanted to be with me he either had to live in New York or New Orleans